UK Calendar Girls

Alisha Hamill

Well I don’t know where to start, UKCG has helped me in so many ways. The day I submitted my application photos was the day my life changed for the better.

The amount of self confidence this whole journey has gave me is magical, I never thought I’d see myself doing this as anxiety always got in the way and ruined opportunities for me, modelling was always one of my dreams, but as per usual, anxiety always won. But with the help and support of the UKCG team I didn’t quit, I carried on with my dream and wow I’m so happy I went for it. Because now I’m being published in an amazing Calender, still feels unreal..

Right from the casting day I made some amazing friends. Friends for life! During the middle of this experience I developed chrons disease, and all though physically and mentally this affected me a lot, the amount of support i received from the staff and all the girls, it’s pushed me to carry on and achieve my dream. Without them I wouldn’t be were I am now, they’ve helped my confidence so much and gave me something to push myself. To not give up and let my illness take over, they encouraged me to fight it.

I’ve had so much fun. I would like to say good luck to anyone taking part, it’s a one in a life time opportunity that you should definitely not miss...


Alisha Hamill

Carrie Cluley

I was an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. I faced my own battles in more ways than one. My days were spent self-loathing with no self-esteem. It then it became catastrophic and started to show cracks within my long term relationship. I knew I had to do something, but more than that, I wanted to love myself. That was something I had never felt.

I was horrifically bullied for years throughout secondary school, I even had death threats for no reason. This had an effect on me. Every time I looked in a mirror I would want to cry whether I was clothed, in lingerie or completely starkers! It got to a point I would just glance at my outfit if I was going out and I’d only look at my face when applying makeup. As I grew up nothing changed. When I stepped out of the shower I’d make sure my partner could not see me, everything escalated and I just couldn’t be told...

I no longer wanted the past to haunt me, I didn’t want bullies controlling my future. And to get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done!

That's when I saw a UKCG videographer share information about applying for this modelling competition. After some research I realised that when I was 17 I had been scouted for this, and that gave me a little push to go and apply. However halfway through applying I got cold feet, closed my computer and tried to forget about it... back to the self hate drawing board. A UKCG manager noticed and began messaging me asking if I was going to continue and I just ignored him, until he asked if he should close my application. Something inside me snapped and all of a sudden I didn’t want someone else telling me what was going to happen in my life, so I took the reins to my future and I finished my application.

I haven’t looked back since!

From day one of finishing that application the journey has been a crazy amazing whirlwind. I broke down on casting day but the manager was incredible, sat with me, talked it through with me and made me feel so relaxed, the free Prosecco helped too!

We raise incredible amounts of money for an outstanding charity in everything we were doing along the process.

Meeting the other girls was probably the most daunting part for me, thinking of judging eyes and feeling downgraded for a body I can’t change. But I had a sudden news flash, when you realise every woman there feels the same. Every girl does this for a different reason, and we EMPOWER each other to continue.

Be it mental health, weight battles, long term illness, pregnancy, just trying to chase your dream and everything in between... we have each other’s back! UKCG becomes a family and a feeling, not just a competition.

When I see where I was; a girl sitting in the darkest of corners with misery in her face, to where I am now; a UKCG winner and a lady that shines when she looks in the mirror for being able to love what she’s been born with, I see a strength and fierceness growing. No one can take that away from me anymore.

I thank you, Myles Lockwood, for creating something so beautiful and selfless. To give women an opportunity to free themselves, love themselves...

I thank you, James Collins, for always being there to turn to and remind me why I’m not giving up!

I thank you, Megan, my fiancé, for always supporting me and being my biggest fan, and never giving up on me when I gave up on myself.

I thank all of you, that made all this possible. My gratitude is endless.

But, I thank myself too! Because each time I struggled, I fought back harder.

I couldn’t begin to explain my entire journey in this testimonial. You HAVE to experience this to understand. I just want you to know, that if you have even the slightest urge to apply (and I’d bet you do if you are reading this) don’t think, just do! Why hold yourself back? We all think these things won’t happen to us, but it happened to me, and it could happy to you!

Carrie Cluley
(Miss December 2019)

Laura MacMillian

Wow what a journey this year's been with the UK Calendar girls.

When I entered this competition I had fairly low self confidence and bad social anxiety. Even though I was already modelling it was more of a hobby for me to get nice images and feel good rather than to pursue that kind of career. I wasn't going to even bother entering Calendar Girls but I thought if nothing else Id have some nice images to add to my portfolio.

I uploaded my application photos and selected the Birmingham Casting Day. As that date became nearer my anxiety got worse. I knew how much I wanted to try so rather than not turn up and ruin it for myself I changed the Casting Day date to the following one 2 weeks later to see how I felt about it then.

Casting Day arrives...I nearly didn't go in but at the doors I thought to myself, I've travelled all this way and it would be a waste of time and fuel if I didn't so I just walked in.

I was immediately greeted by the friendly faces of the UKCG team. I was shown around the photographers and taken to the hair and makeup/changing area.

That's when my anxiety hit me bad. I'm out of my depth... I thought I'm never gonna get anywhere.. What's the point?? With my mind made up I grabbed my things and went to leave. Luckily for me on my exit, I saw one of the managers and explained I was leaving, he took me away and calmed me down along with another girl who was also in the same situation as me. Safe to say we both stuck together like glue as we went through the competition. With that we went back to hair and makeup and had an incredible day!

Getting to go the grand final was an experience I'll never forget. Red carpet event with all the girls looking so glamorous. Photographers and partying. It really was a taste of fame.

Like I said I entered this competition mainly to get some nice photos for my portfolio as I never thought Id get any further so on announcements night when I heard my name called out as one of the winners I actually cried... Other people believed in me and that's why I won so its now time for me to start believing in me.

This whole journey has help me so much, not only with the exposure for my modelling but my confidence and anxiety too. I still have my issues but now I'm addressing them. I'm doing things I never thought I'd have the confidence to do. I've made new friends. I've stuck myself in situations when my anxiety was going crazy but I did it because I wanted this. It's such a massive opportunity.

And you know what? I feel so much more confident now and my anxiety's got so much better. I can't thank the UKCG team and the other girls enough for that.

3 times I nearly quit but I didn't, and look where I am now.. Chasing my dreams, and you can too!

Laura MacMillian
(Miss June 2019)

Tara Willis

Where do I start?

I first applied for The Bristol Calendar Girls competition in 2017 not thinking I would get past the application stage but somehow I did! I had my casting day in Plymouth Pryzm, I was so nervous & anxious I felt physically sick that it took me half an hour to get out of the car, but with the support from my mum and friends I made it to the entrance where the staff greeted me and help me every step of the way throughout my casting day! The hair & make up team were amazing! They completely put me at ease chatting to me and generally getting to know me and made me feel beautiful!

The photographer's were awesome so helpful and understanding that I had no idea what I was doing and guided me through different poses and helped me figure out what was right for me.

I was amazed when I received my photos and couldn't believe what I was seeing!

The text vote round was when I was started to doubt myself and felt anxious about sharing my images with my family, friends & social media to get the votes I needed to get through to the next round of the competition. The BCG's Team supported me and talked me through my worries. I'm so grateful for them doing that because I carried on with fire in my belly to do my best and see where it takes me! So I hosted my own fundraisers for The Chestnut Appeal and promoted myself enough to make it to the BCG finals which was definitely a shock! On the grand final night we were treated like VIP's for the night being brought to the event in limos in our beautiful dresses down the red carpet and raised a lot of money and awareness for The Chestnut Appeal while meeting new people some of them being some of my closest friends!

I gained so much self-confidence and started to find myself as the competition went on.

In the end I was amazed to find out I was a 2018 Bristol Calendar Girl Reserve!

I was gobsmacked!

It was announced at the 2018 BCG launch night that the competition was changing to UK Calendar Girls the next year. Seeing the 2018 calendar & seeing my photo on the reserves page truly made me feel on top of the world and that's when I decided I wanted to help other ladies feel this awesome about themselves!

So I reapplied for the 2019 UK Calendar Girls competition and scouted for the competition as well to share my experience with other ladies and help them through their UKCG journey. I got through the text vote round again and there again anxiety crept up and I started to doubt myself and thought I had no chance with all these amazing girls! But with the support from the UKCG Team I bounced back and kept remembering why I was doing this... I was doing this to support others and to prove to myself I CAN do this! I organised a sponsor car wash in Plymouth, a fundraiser in Torquay and a charity ghost hunt in Bodmin Jail which in total raised around £580 for the Chestnut Appeal for prostate cancer. It was an amazing experience and was a great way to meet the other contestants and make friends for life!

This year truly has changed my life for the better and I can't wait to see what the future holds for myself and UKCG! I will be continue with my involvement in the UK Calendar Girls Competition as staff for as long as possible! If your contemplating on applying Do it! Do it! What's the harm in trying something new you never know it could be best decision you make!

Much Love!

Tara Willis
(Miss April 2019)

Courtney Francis-Lang

“So I entered Bristol Calendar Girls in 2016 after I was scouted on a night out in Bristol by the team. I didn’t think much off it at the time until the next morning when I had a look at the website. My Reasons for entering were a variety of reason from, self confidence, proving a point to myself and others that said I couldn’t and I wanted to push my boundaries.

When I entered I was suffering from depression not very confident at all so when I saw the opportunity to not only enter the competition and try to get over those things but to support a charity in the process it would have been silly not to.

From day one the team were fantastic, the 1st casting day I was so nervous but everyone including the other girls were absolutely lovely and so supportive. I nearly didn’t walk through the doors, I was so scared but the team came out to me and helped me over come my fears. The whole day was over and done so quick that I wished I could do it again. I had so much fun.

Entering the next stage was a nerves experience so when I found out I'd got through to the grand final I thought it was a mistake. I thought I was put on the list by accident. I had people tell me I wasn’t good enough for the competition so I got so doubtful about it. So when my name came up it was very emotional and empowering for me that I did it.

The relationships I formed throughout the competition have become some of the closest friends I have, and the competition even helped me form a relationship of my own. Without taking part in the calendar i would have never have moved to Plymouth, and I would never have met my now amazing fiancé!

Next stage was announcement night! I had no previous modelling experience, no self confidence and I’d never been in front of a camera before. I was announced as one of the 12 winners.. Miss November!

Originally I didn’t enter to win, I entered for myself. The team supported me the whole way through and so did the girls, And because of this the following year I came back again. However I came back as staff. I’ve now been apart of the UKCG’s for 3 years as the Executive supervisor . I made a life long bond with the team, and the girls that took part over the years.

The whole competition has massively changed my life for the better, And I just can’t thank the Calendar girls enough for it! So Thank you!” X

Courtney Francis-Lang
(Miss November 2017)

Beth Culli

So this being my second time in the competition I was adamant I was going to win from my application being approved.

As big headed as that sounds.. this was about me.. this wasn't for anyone else, just me. I wanted to be proud of something and I got so far last year..I had the knowledge this time so I was going above and beyond this time. But I won't lie.. it's been a rollercoaster of emotions.. from the moment I applied, to each and every step of the competition I wanted bail. Yep! I literally wanted to quit.. even after id got the results I won. The ‘anxiety demon’ as I call it was suffocating me. Even all dolled up, mini bus full of my supporters on route to Bristol for the Grand Final, I was quiet.. i didn’t want to attend but i hate letting people down.

All those that voted, all those that shared my voting pics online, all those that made the effort to attend with me through all the glam events.. i put on a brave face and did what i came to do.. Since being diagnosed type 1 diabetic in 2007 i have struggled socially, i rarely attended school, id avoid going out or doing anything making my anxiety worse, i still struggle to this day but The UK Calendar Girls has been such an experience, its given me the opportunity to push those boundaries and comfort zones with so much support from the UKCG team, other applicants, near enough everyone i know have gone above and beyond to support me, especially my mum.. she supports me the most in everything i do.

Within the UKCG you become a family.. yeah in your mind its a competition you want to win right? but along the way you form relationships, we all suffer with different battles and together we fought them! And most of all.. we are all in this together!!!

We all empower each other and I feel this year was more about that than anything, you could feel the support in the atmosphere at the events.

Of course that couldn’t be done without Myles, he says he just plants the seed.. but he does much more than that, he has opened a world for women to better themselves, to be confident, to push that anxiety demon and become something much more than just a woman. A woman that is proud of what they see when looking at their reflection.

And of course the ultimate support from the photographers. They become much more than photographers and I cant thank Tom Coles in particular enough for his support beyond the camera from day 1 when I first applied in 2017. I could feel my confidence rising each time i attended events when people asked about my participation in this competition.. I just want everyone to feel this way about themselves. so if i can do it.. anyone can.

When i sit back and just evaluate the entire competition i smile.. i have so much pride and achievement and i can guarantee you’d feel the same too.. but it's something you’d need to experience to believe. What have you got to lose? Nothing. Yet so much to gain.

I can't thank everyone enough for the unconditional love and support.

From the bottom of heart x

Beth Culli
(Miss November 2019)

Amber Barnet

In January 2018 I was approached on Facebook by one of the team about a modeling competition, At first I was thinking whats this? I honestly thought it was a scam, To apply, go to some sort of photo shoot and then purchase your pictures for hundreds, and be given false hope that you were being signed to some agency, which is what has happened to me in the past when i first started modeling at the age of 19.

I had no idea what to expect after looking through the website and seeing other girls testimonials I thought whats the worst that could happen so I applied. Casting day came around in march and it was a huge thing for me, being a chef I'm used to being the plain Jane the girl that can never have her nails done, cant have her make up on and just generally being stressed in my day to day job. I had no free time for myself and was working 24/7 that's all I ever knew after giving up modeling years previous, I had no idea what to expect I was so nervous walking through those doors in Birmingham.

I have always been the girl every one looks at and thought whats that? why does she have that on her neck is it a Hickey? because i have had to live with a growing birthmark on my body for 26 years that i cant do anything about. All the staff on the day were just amazing, they couldn't of put me more at ease and all the other applicants, after being shown around the venue and getting to know the staff a little we went to hair and make up and honestly the make up monkey team are just as crazy as me, so loud bubbly and just in general 2 amazing ladies who love to laugh and relax you while having a free glass of processo.

After Casting day I felt amazing and it changed my outlook on my life, my job my social life everything. A couple days later i was approached by Myles to help out at the remaining two casting days, I couldn't have been happier to have been asked, to not only be in a competition but to become part of the team to help with fundraising events raise money for charity and simply be in a competition where every single girls wants to empower one another and succeed is truly amazing! I have met some truly amazing people and friends doing this competition and a friend for life who is my sister from another mister!

I can't thank the lady enough for scouting me and literally changing my life for the better! I made 2019 reserve for the calendar and next year I am taking part again as well as being apart of the staff team too!

Thanks again and lots of love! XoXo

UKCG Reserve 2019!

Patrycja Krys

What I thought was just another beauty pageant turned into so much more, it turned into my new family. I remember when I went to attend my casting day in London I was so scared and anxious to go into a shoot alone without my manager (my mum). But as soon as I entered I was so welcomed by the whole team and other contestants that I didn’t want to leave the place. I was meant to stay for two hours but I actually stayed for like 5. It was one of the best days ever, but it only got better. I was so proud I took part in it I talked about it to everyone, in work and my local town, just everywhere I went. So many people were proud of me and supported me so when it came to the votes it gave me hope that I maybe had a chance. I went out and gave it my all asking people to vote for me and everyone was more than happy to.

When I got through to the finals I couldn’t believe it! It was the best news I received in a long while and it pushed me to completely follow my dream of being a model. So not long after I left my job and went on my first mini-tour round Paris and Milan which was very successful.

On the night of the finale, I made some friends for life! And the whole event was extraordinary, with my amazing family and my boyfriend supporting me. And also, it was amazing to see all the photographers plus Myles and James spending time supporting everyone as well. When it came to the announcement night I had already picked some favourites like I’m sure everyone had, and I was not disappointed! I was so happy for the girls that won that I started crying... but when it came to Announcements Night I was in complete shock to win the first ever UKCG.

All the shoots and preparation brought me so much closer to all the girls and the staff that I don’t know what I would do without them now. They've supported me through my hardest times and they have lifted me up when I’m down. I love the whole UKCG family!

Thank you to you all, I couldn’t have done it without you. And special thank you to Myles and James cause they made it so much easier and so much more amazing than I thought it would be!

(Miss September 2019)

Isabella Worlock

I heard about Calendar Girls from a friend and decided to look it up, At first the dates clashed with other things I had planned in 2016 so decided to hold off until (2017). My first meeting with Myles (Founder and Director of UK Calendar Girls) was at the Bristol Casting day at Pryzm night club.. I was so nervous for the interview stage but it went really well and i was made to feel very relaxed and at home.

I then went on to shoot my content for the text votes stage, the casting day was so much fun with snapchat stories to follow, boomerangs and live feeds! I made so many friends at the casting day and had so much fun! I thought to myself, even if I do not get into the calendar at least it's an experience and something to focus on for a while. It was so nice because a few of the girls that had also entered were already friends so it was nice to be doing this with them. It came to announcement night (Another excuse to dress up in a beautiful dress) and I was announce as a calendar girl!! My mind went into over drive! I had done many competitions in the past but had never really been picked for anything so I was almost crying! The cutest thing as well is the lush goodie bag you receive on the night of announcements which was full of amazing stuff from mainstream makeup concessions, trophies, cute unicorn balloons and of course the infamous BCG UNIFORM!!

That's when everything changed and things really began to kick off!

The amazing front cover shoot shot at a beautiful manor house, I felt like a movie star! Makeup artists all around me, Hair stylists also and touch ups during the shoot! It took hours but damn we certainly smashed it and the outcome was amazing! I just couldn't believe I was part of such an amazing group photoshoot! When I saw the calendar released in the shops and saw my face on the front cover it was so surreal, I always remember the girl at the counter said to me, ‘I'm guessing you know someone in this calendar as your buying three!’ My response ‘oh that's me’ her face was so astonished and I felt so proud being able to say that! I am a published calendar girl now, wow?! So girls, if your thinking of doing the amazing UK Calendar Girls competition, yes it's a long journey and you must work your ass off during it to be the ultimate calendar girl but please please please do it! You will not regret it, It has been one hell of a journey and I wouldn't change any of it for the world, I have made lifelong friends that I will remain friends with forever. Thank you BCG xxx

Isabella Warlock
(Miss March 2018)

Mrs Sarah Burdock

I saw the advert to apply on my Facebook and knowing some friends that had previously entered I thought there would be no harm in sending in an application thinking I’d not hear anymore about it! How wrong I was!

Most of my life I have been made aware I was quite pretty but also made to feel very bad about myself for being so! I felt my fun, cheeky side was almost lost until I stepped foot in the Pryzm Bristol. I was instantly at ease, my hair and makeup was done so well and I was sipping bubbly! Although nervous about removing my dressing gown at first, by the end of casting day I was wandering around without it. I felt strong and beautiful and something inside me finally clicked and I believed the person I saw in the mirror!

That was the start of the whirlwind! I had some amazing photos to choose from for voting and the response of friends and family was unreal. Grand final night was a scary but fun time and with the support of wonderful friends I made it through to honoury reserve which I was blown away by!

Unfortunately a beautiful lady dropped out of reserves and I got that call to say I was promoted to full reserve and needed to do photo shoots to be in the calendar. I was completely overwhelmed at that point and thought I’d never cope with fitting it all in! But I can happily say it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done ! My calendar picture is off the scale and I’m beyond proud of myself.

My confidence is back where it should be and I can’t thank Myles and James and all my fellow Calendar girls enough for the belief and encouragement. Thank you everyone x

Sarah Burdock
(Calendar Girl Reserve 2019)

Katie Gardiner

So my story began when I was doing my usual Facebook scroll and I came across a post and a link to apply for the Bristol Calendar Girls competition. I thought what have I got to lose. Shortly after applying I was offered to attend a casting day in the Center of Bristol. With a little persuasion from my family I decided to bite the bullet and go for it!! Never have I had experience in front of a photographer, never mind actually modelling! Shortly after, I found out I had made it through the text vote round and I found myself sat in a limousine on my way to the Grand Final night! This was one of the most amazing nights I have ever experienced. Never have I been surrounded by such positivity and beautiful people all for one great cause. The competition & Calendar helps a huge amount with charity fundraising which I am so happy to be a part of. All I can say is thank you to everyone involved with Calendar Girls and keep up the good work! Entering this truly made 2017 a year I will never forget!!

Katie Gardiner
(Calendar Girl Reserve 2018)

Chantelle Quinn

Where do I start? I entered BCG after I saw a Facebook post....kind of thinking I won't even get past the application stage, but what did I have to lose. Reasons for entering will be a wide variety from, wanting to get into modelling, enhancing the modelling you've already done, self confidence, an experience? Let me tell you all those things can and have happened! When I entered I was suffering from social anxiety, & not very confident at all so when I saw the opportunity to not only enter the competition and try to get over those things but to support a charity in the process for me it was a no brainer. I do as much as I can for charity so to be part of a group of normal girls all raising money for amazing charities I had to persevere! From day one the team were fantastic, the 1st casting day I was so nervous but everyone including the other girls were absolutely lovely and so supportive. In fact I went back for casting day 2 .......entering the next stage was a nerve racking experience so when I found out I'd got through to the grand final I couldn't believe it, normal me sat in my nans garden was in the top 50. The relationships I formed throughout the competition have become some of the closest friends I have, we all took it upon ourselves to raise money before the Grand Final all coming together yet we were each other's competition? The charity side kept most of us focused even when we were feeling like we didn't stand a chance that kept pulling us through! Roll onto announcements......and me? Someone who had no previous modelling experience, never been in front of a camera before was announced as one of the 12 winners.....Miss December! Although I didn't originally enter to become the next top model I have been offered some amazing opportunities and have continued to do shoots. The team supported me the whole way through and so did the girls, Bournemouth calendar girls is more than a competition we've become a community and lifelong friends. If I could I would do it all over again. THANK YOU BCG!!!!

Chloe Russell

I entered Bournemouth calendar girls with not an ounce of confidence in me, but can happily sit here today and say that I'm glad I did. I've never been brought up to think 'I'm pretty' or 'photogenic' so this was a little out of my comfort zone. After entering I didn't think I would have gotten any further into the competition just from looking at all the other girls who were all stunning, but I stuck it through and actually made it to the final 12 and I'm so so glad to be able to say I'm officially miss July 2016.

The friendships that have been formed along this journey are amazing, I've never ever met so many down to earth people that to this day are very good friends that we all can call family. (The BCG family) From start to finish the whole experience was absolutely amazing. I can't thank the BCG team/photographers, enough for everything they've done and I'm so grateful for all of their help and support throughout the whole journey: I've done photo shoots since this and plan on doing many more.

Do not pass up an opportunity like this, don't think twice about it, just do it. You will be so glad you did, it has the potential to open doors for you that you hadn't even thought about. It's fun, it's for charity, you can form new friendships and it gives you a massive confident boost. To whoever enters I wish you all the best of luck and enjoy every minute of it because it goes so fast!! THANK YOU BCG for everything!!

Chloe Russell
(Miss July 2016)

Naomi Davies

Bournemouth calendar girls has been an amazing experience, something I will never forget. I have made so many memories along the journey and have made some incredible friends as well. The whole experience has helped me build my confidence, I have learnt so much about myself along the way and in return it has helped me push myself with perusing my dream job. Modelling has always been something I have wanted to do and since the calendar It has helped me to follow this dream. Although I am still nowhere near the stage I would like to be it has put me on the right path. For anyone who is thinking about taking part in the competition, having done it all myself I would say go for it! At first I was unsure whether to or not but had I of known what it would have involved at the start I wouldn’t have doubted it for a second. It was the first time doing it in Bournemouth but the team did an amazing job with everything. The BCG team are awesome to say the least. They are supportive, fun and a good laugh which in return made everything more easy and enjoyable. I signed up to the competition at first for fun and in honesty I didn’t think I would have made it in to the final 12, I have always been comfortable in myself but never believed that I could have made it this far. I have to say without the support of my family and friends it may have been a different outcome and to all of them I love you for standing by my side the whole way. The calendar itself was so much fun to shoot, from my individual photos to the front page. So, to any girls who are looking to take part in the competition in the future – do it! Whether it’s to help your confidence, just for fun or to help you kick start a career in modelling or whatever the reason – go for it! It will be something you won't regret!

Jess Downs

Being a Bournemouth Calendar Girl has been the most exhilarating experience of my life! I have much more confidence in myself now than I did when I first started the Bournemouth Calendar Girls journey. It will be a journey of mine that I will treasure for many years to come! I have met so many girls that are now friends who had the same confidence barrier that I had. The whole team were fantastic and so supportive, together we raised a huge amount of money for charity. Bournemouth calendar girls is such a great experience, not only is it a modelling competition, it is for myself how I found the inner me or the other side to me if you like that I never knew I had. From the whole experience I can now strongly say that I have a lot more confidence in myself and believe that if I work hard and believe in myself I can and will go far. I will cherish the many memory's, events, photo shoots, laughs and friends (including the BCG team) forever. I have even got a sparkly box with my uniform in, my sash, and leaflets etc in so I can look back on this amazing experience! Bournemouth Calendar girls found the inner me I never knew I had.. What's your inner you? I'm sure you have one!

Farrah Jones

So ask yourself this? Do you want the possibility of knowing you can follow a dream? Do you want to show your confidence off in more ways than you do too just your friends and family? Do you want the possibility of an event that could chance the path of your future? If you answered yes to all three then I suggest you carry on reading to find out more... You can now have the chance to be apart of the very first Bristol calendar girls, that's right just you beautiful Bristol beauty's.

There has been mountains of success through both plymouth calendar girls and plymouth calendar men, not only success but new friendships that have lasted years, some futures of individuals have changed dramatically ranging from being in Loaded, FHM , Maxium or being hugely respected in the fashion and beauty business as well as advertising or campaigns, even fitness and health, however some have even been as lucky as travelling the world just by having the calendar as there very first stepping stone. Are you still interested , do you crave to have this in your life? Is this the stepping stone you would lust for? Then what are you waiting for? Do you have a gorgeous girl next door look? Do you have that glamour sparkle? Or do you have the class of a fine vintage wine? Then go for it, apply to be in the running of the Bristol calendar girls, you can be the next person to put the 'ow' in 'wow' So go for it and release the sexy, articulate, sensational lady in you!

Sarah Jane

I'm Sarah-Jane! A Bournemouth Calendar Girl winner 2015 for the 2016 Calendar. BCG has got to be the best competition I have ever entered! The whole year was amazing, from the beginning to the end. The opportunities were endless. I wish I could do it all over again!

Whenever I go to scouting events or interviews it's one of the first things I talk about. It was such a crazy adventure! From the first text vote shoot to the Grand Final to the Front cover shoot and Party bus tour... It was all awesome! I made so many lifelong friends as well as memories that will last forever. If you're lucky enough for the calendar girls to come to one of your cities next grab the opportunity with both hands. If you are successful I can promise you that you won't be disappointed!!

Francesca Wickett

When I first entered calendar girls I didn't even own a bikini or a pair of shorts. With the support and help from the wonderful team and the girls I managed to gain the confidence to be happy with my self. Teaming my new confidence with funding raising i managed to raise a large amount of money for such a good cause. It was such an amazing experience for me, from the glamorous shoots, event nights out fundraising and visiting the hospital where the money you helped raise is funding for treatment, staff and medical equipment are some of my most cherished memories.

Calendar girls is not only a competition its a great way to meet friends, help you grow into a better person and help others who are in need. The girls and the team will become your adopted family, unfortunately I can't enter again but I am so happy to of been part of the staff team for the last 2 years and I am so excited for another year. I wish you the best of luck in the competition and I look forward to meeting you at test shoot day.

Francesca Wickett
(Miss February 2012)

Danny Tapp

From the get go Plymouth Calendar Girls became the catalyst to discovering my inner confidence, from the initial audition stage to the final print of the calendar. I always struggled with self confidence growing up so auditioning for the Calendar was a huge step for me, but with the amazing support, professionalism and friendly environment the Calendar Girls team created I was able to build that confidence I always lacked.

After that first stage I never looked back, and really enjoyed everything Calendar Girls stood for, from raising money for nothing but amazing causes, to contributing to the making of the calendar itself and getting involved in different shoots. Plymouth Calendar Girls has enabled me, an average small town girl, to move on to some really great things, such as acting and modelling in a bunch of music videos for Sony, all played on MTV Music Channel and Youtube. The Calendar Girls team opened so many doors for me, who knows what doors they could open for you.

Layla May

I loved my time spent being a Plymouth Calendar Girl! Being a part of such a successful charity was very rewarding. We raised money for breast cancer and created a lot of awareness to the cause.

As well as this, being a calendar girl gave me great experience being in front of the camera and led me to further modelling opportunities. It gave me the confidence to later go on and compete in Body building and fitness competitions around the country, where I now hold first place as IBFA Bikini champion.

It's a great opportunity for girls to get involved who want to be a part of something inspiring and showcase their hidden exhibitionist side or simply to have great fun being part of a money raising experience and in turn build their inner confidence and self belief!

Kelly Marie

All that I am today, I owe to calendar girls. When I applied, I was trapped in and surviving an abusive relationship. I left school at 14 with no GCSEs. I had suffered clinical depression and endured bullying. Somehow, I managed to find the guts I needed to apply for calendar girls – and then immediately I panicked. How could I possibly win? I wasn't particularly feminine. I didn't have the confidence to look anyone in the eye, let alone pose for a camera in lingerie that I didn't feel attractive enough to wear. The answer is, I didn't win. Not the first time. But a year later, I came back, feeling much more confident, thanks to calendar girls. I was still shy, still terrible at making new friends, but I'd learnt a lot about myself in the previous year. I won a reserve place in the calendar. I spent that year attending events, raising money and awareness and going to photoshoots. I had even gained enough confidence in myself to head to London and became qualified in professional airbrush make up. I applied for the next year and not only did I win, but I also worked as a make up artist for the test shoot day. After my reigning year, I worked into the next year as staff on events and in the office and was even lucky enough to be asked to do the front cover shoot make up for the 2013 calendar, where my work also featured throughout.

So if you're thinking of applying for calendar girls and you're not yet fully convinced that it's the right move for you, then where is your head at? Calendar girls not only helps important and worthwhile charities – it could help you. Thanks to Myles and the rest of the team, I have all the confidence and self-belief I need. It opened doors for me in terms of careers and relationships. I went in a shy girl and I exited a successful and confident young woman, who finally felt comfortable in her own skin.

Katalin Horvath

I decided to take part in the Calendar Girls competition after a couple of friends had been successful in winning a place in the calendar the first year it launched, It looked extremely fun and best of all you could raise money along the way! PCG was truly amazing for my self confidence and helped me embrace the body I was born with. It opened so many doors for me in more ways then 1, not just modelling and fundraising, even after my time in the calendar I performed at PCG events & I was given the opportunity to show case my business venture "cupcakecotty" them!

I found the whole experience fulfilling as we raised a bundle of money for a cause very close to my heart and it helped me grow in so many ways! I now run a successful cake business and most recently a fashion blog called "The CC Collection". I owe a lot to the PCG family and I am truly grateful for the time I had with the team! I gained great friends and great connections and I think you would be completely mad not to just go for it! ask yourself "why wouldn't you?" You never know how much you could achieve!

Fiona MacLeod

Entering Plymouth Calendar Girls was possibly the best thing I have ever done! Not only did it build my confidence, I've met some of the most amazing people. It helped me build body confidence and self confidence – two things many young ladies struggle with daily. I have witnessed the strong friendships form from a group of ladies who didn't know each other before the Test Shoot day to then supporting and standing up for each other after just a couple of weeks. I personally have made friends whom now I couldn't imagine my life without.

One of those friends is Myles Lockwood. Myles is the brains behind the competition. He selflessly used the memory of his mother to promote cancer charities and took the Plymouth area by storm. This admirable character has been hard at work running PCG for 7 years with a finale of PCM for year 8. Myles and his small, yet powerful team (not least, Emma Corry!), have raised over £35k for different cancer charities over the 8 years reign. Every lady who enters is passionate about raising money for charity. Myles and his team make this so easy to do. They contact the charity so we can use their names, organise the events and get the charity pots - all you have to do is turn up and collect the money. What could be easier? From that moment you are doing your bit for charity. I have met some absolutely gorgeous ladies and gents, both inside and out who have taken the modelling world by storm - all starting with Plymouth Calendar Girls/Men.

This is not an opportunity to be sniffed at if you want to get your foot in the modelling door. Even today I am proud to say I am a Plymouth Calendar Girl. Thank you Myles for your diligence and passion, without either, none of this would have been possible for me.

Stacey Cann

My name is Stacey and I was Miss July 2008 within Plymouth Calendar Girls. Calendar Girls gave me the perfect opportunity to meet some amazing people whilst attending fun events and raising money for an extremely worthwhile cause.

After having been bullied through the majority of my school life, Calendar Girls was an important milestone for me.

It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone gain the confidence and self esteem I'd lacked previously.

When I was young I always used to look at the 'popular' girls in my class at school and really wish I was one of them because I didn't like who I was but now I can say I like who I am, I've come a long way, I'm glad to be me and wouldn't want to be anyone else.

Laúra Louís Riceli

Calendar Girls! Where to start? I have so much to say about my PCG experience but to sum it all up for those sceptical or to those who are on the fence about participating....just do it! I was a total shrinking violet before I did PCG, my friend asked me to come along to the auditions so I went without thinking, bearing in mind I had never even taken a selfie before I entered. I didn't think I'd ever make it past the first round, I was nervous being around so many girls who were clearly more girly than me and I was sceptical about the competitive nature of it all, but it wasn't at all like I imagined!

Throughout the competition you will make friendships, you will form a bond with the other girls! If anything I felt more confident in myself through supporting other girls and we became like a family. It was a great year and a total eye opener for me! And of course Myles and Emma my adoptive parents/mentors/best friends throughout the whole thing I love them to bits! All I can say is don't pass up the opportunity....just go for it xx

Kiri Taylor-Bennett

Calendar Girls was an incredible experience for me, in so many aspects. I entered with the intention to help Breast Cancer Research, which was the chosen charity for my year. I look back at the whole journey with such fond memories, it was a massive success for all the girls, in one way or another. Meeting so many great people through all the events, working alongside a fantastic team who truly look after you and make it an unforgettable experience.

I would highly recommend entering to anyone, if not just for the charity but for a new experience for yourself. Plymouth Calendar Girls was an excellent experience and opportunity.

I feel Bristol Calendar Girls will have the same success if not more. I wish you all the best of luck

Kiri Taylor-Bennett
(December 2008)

Trudy Lisa Mcphilimey

I signed up to Plymouth calendar girls wanting to build my confidence, and help to raise much needed money for cancer research having lost friends and family to Cancer so it had a personal meaning to me.

My journey changed my life in so many ways. I not only made some amazing lifelong friends but I began my modelling career the year I entered PCG! I started getting booked for catwalk shows, magazine work, i travelled the country doing shoots, car shows and even got the chance to meet Joan Collins appearing on her new series on ITV! I got the opportunity to model for a Brazilian swimwear company and was even a model for an international lingerie company for a year.

I had so much help and guidance from amazing photographers like the legend Bjorn Thomassen and Nigel Stansbury who helped teach and guide me every step of the way while we created the images for my month that appears in the calendar and my banner for the Plymouth buses.

You could be lucky enough to have that same opportunity that I had and It could literally change your life in so may ways for the better. Good luck you are in for an amazing year! Trudy xx

Leoni Vatter

Plymouth Calendar Girls first captured my heart when I was approached by the director to be one of their makeup artists throughout the whole competition. I was absolutely stunned and felt very fortunate to have been given the chance to work with such an amazing company that holds so much pride within the charity world. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands, which has opened so many doors for me within the makeup industry. Plymouth Calendar Girls is the biggest modelling calendar in the South West, and after years of being their Makeup Artist I decided to take a huge leap of faith and enter myself into the competition.

From start to finish it was incredible, the people I met, the money I raised, the places I went, made me want more, made me fight for that position for being one of the final 12! I was inspired to change, change the way I looked at myself as I was never that confident. Plymouth Calendar Girls gave me opportunities, gave me bigger goals, gave me my confidence back, and gave me the desire to want more in life. What surprises me the most is all this passion started from that one leap of faith, that one leap drove me to be this strong, independent woman I am today! It changed everything about me, it taught me how to model, how to network, how to sell, how to communicate with different people. I would highly recommend everyone to reach out, to inspire themselves, take that chance because it will change your life for the better!

Leoni Vatter
(Miss October)

Lara Mercedes

I entered Plymouth calendar girls back in 2012, competing for a space in the 2013 calendar. You hear so many stereotypical things about modelling competitions but the calendar girl experience blew my expectations. Not to the least was it bitchy, backstabbing or nasty, quite the opposite. Staff and calendar girls past and present made me feel a million dollars. I had the opportunity to work with amazing photographers, build my confidence and met amazing ladies that I now class as friends for life. I got to wear beautiful dresses, went to red carpet events and arrived in limousines.

I got to experience things that a lot of girls only dream off. It even gave me the confidence to apply and receive a promotion at work. Plymouth calendar girls was the stepping stone for many great names such as page 3s Courtnie Quinlan, Stacey Massey and Rosie Roff. Wether you want to use it as a stepping stone towards a modelling career or to do it just for yourself, to build up confidence, it's something you will not regret and you'll create memories to treasure for years to come, not to forget you'll always have beautiful photos of yourself to look back on.

Courtnie Grace

I had just turned 19 when I was asked to enter Plymouth Calendar Girls. I was extremely sceptical as to whether I should enter as I was lacking confidence, was very shy to the point of finding it hard to converse with people I didn't know, and I always thought of myself as too skinny and shapeless to model. After speaking to my mum she said I should give it a go as I could have fun as well as raising money for an amazing local charity that's very close to my heart.

Well thank God I did as I had the pleasure of meeting both Myles and Emma who really helped me come out of my shell, and boost my confidence. As they believed in me, I too started to believe in myself and I'm sure I wouldn't have found the success I have now in modelling if it wasn't for them.

Since taking part in PCG I've been lucky enough to travel the world with modelling, have featured in some incredible campaigns and have been a regular Page Three model for The Sun for the past 4 years.

Anne-Marie Scott

I entered Plymouth Calendar Girls for the 2013 calendar. Its nerve racking to say the least, I built up this belief that it was all going to end terribly for me! If this is how you're feeling, STOP! This couldn't be further from the truth. Most of the staff are previous calendar girls who have experienced everything you're feeling, you can ask them for help and guidance. You get to meet some amazing people along the way; most of my closest and dearest friends are calendar girls and the team.

I've never been a shy girl but my confidence doubled throughout my journey, the events are amazing and the feeling you get from raising money for charity and bonding with the girls makes you grin from ear to ear. You'll be smiling, laughing sometimes crying (usually because you're drunk and telling one of the girls they're your soul mate!) This can open so many doors for you; I actually managed to get my job from being at an event! This is a life-changing experience, you just have to enjoy yourself and just say Yes! I can do this! It's the best thing I have ever done and I am eternally grateful for everything Plymouth Calendar Girls done for me. From the bottom of my heart, Thank-you!!

Anne-Marie Scott
(Plymouth Calendar Girl Reserve 2013)

Adele Charlotte Hack

Calendar girls has been great for me, it gave me confidence, it opened a lot of news doors for me, I was in FHM top 100 honeys, been in nuts magazine got offered lots of different shoots too, it also helped my own business grow too, I moved to area not knowing a lot of people, I now have made lots of new friends.

It Was the best thing that happened to me.

So entering you never know what doors it can open for you and you are also raising money for a great charity too.

Jenna Brittan

Where do I begin? Plymouth Calendar Girls was by far the greatest risk I ever took. Having dealt with a lot of knock backs, bullying and an abusive relationship, my self esteem was at all time low. I had been previously scouted before but never took the jump, after leaving the relationship I began to think about doing something for me and something that I can give back...then this competition came was the perfect opportunity i needed. I never thought for one moment I would win, but i did!!!! It gave me so much confidence and the feeling you get, knowing your helping others, raising money and awareness for such a good cause, truly is the greatest gift of it all. If I could, I would relive this moment again and again.

Since this competition I have gone on to win two others in NEW ZEALAND and THAILAND in front of thousands of strangers and all alone. A few years ago I would never have pictured my life the way it is now. Thank you PCG for everything!

Jenna Brittan
(Miss October 2012)