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  • Chantelle Quinn

    Although I didn't originally enter to become the next top model I have been offered some amazing opportunities and have continued to do shoots.

    Chantelle Quinn

  • Naomi Davies

    Calendar Girls has been an amazing experience, something I will never forget. I have made so many memories along the journey and have made some incredible friends as well. The whole experience has helped me build my confidence, I have learnt so much about myself along the way and in return it has helped me push myself with perusing my dream job.

    Naomi Davies

  • Chloe Russell

    From start to finish the whole experience was absolutely amazing. I can't thank the team/photographers, enough for everything they've done and I'm so grateful for all of their help and support throughout the whole journey: I've done photo shoots since this and plan on doing many more.

    Chloe Russell

  • Francesca Wickett

    With the support and help from the wonderful team and the girls I managed to gain the confidence to be happy with my self. Calendar girls is not only a competition its a great way to meet friends, help you grow into a better person and help others who are in need.

    Francesca Wickett

  • Kelly Marie

    Thanks to Myles and the rest of the team, I have all the confidence and self-belief I need. It opened doors for me in terms of careers and relationships. I went in a shy girl and I exited a successful and confident young woman, who finally felt comfortable in her own skin.

    Kelly Marie