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Text Vote Final Stage UKCG Rules Information

UK Calendar Girls Text Vote Semi Final Live Fri 23rd July at: 19:30
Text Vote Semi Final Finish Fri 13th Aug at: 23:59

How to Vote:
To text please put UKCG then a space and your vote number and text to 81400 so for example UKCG 098 then text to number 81400 Please note: DO NOT FORGET THE SPACE BETWEEN UKCG & YOUR NUMBER! So DO NOT do this UKCG098

How much does it cost?
Each vote will be charged at £1.50 plus your standard network rate.

How many votes can someone send?
At this stage of the competition there is no ruling on a maximum of text votes per mobile number.

Who can Vote? Anyone!
Anyone can vote from a mobile number registered in the UK.

Can I vote from abroad?
Regarding texting from abroad, unfortunately international mobile operators don't support UK sms, short codes as they are country specific and will not work if text from abroad. Bear in mind it has to be a UK mobile contract, it won't work from handsets registered with foreign operators. So if you are abroad using a UK registered mobile that should be ok.

How will someone know if the text vote has been counted?
Because they will receive a message back saying this "Thank You! This message confirms your UKCG Text Vote charged @ £1.50 plus your standard network rate. For T's & C's visit" So if the “Thank You” messages do not come through to your mobile you were not charged and the vote didn't count!


What can I do if my text doesn't go through how can I fix this?
We cannot control if a text vote successfully goes through or not, neither can the SMS text company as this is purely down to the phone network providers i.e. BT. EE. O2. Virgin. Sky. Tesco Mobile. Three. Vodafone. Voxi. If this happens usually your network provider has put a temporary block on your account for SMS messages, or there is not enough sufficient credit on the sim or contract to allow the messages to be charged, some providers on some accounts will do this automatically, so the best thing you can do is call your provider and have it lifted. Also pre-calling them before text vote starts to find out if your account will let you send premium rate text messages will be a huge advantage. We have seen over 1000 messages rejected on the Semi Final stage of the text vote because of the above reasons, this happen a lot and a simple phone call before had to your mobile phone network can sort this out.

Can I get a text vote refunded?
Unfortunately not, the SMS companies don't refund text vote charges, this is not something we can control.

Will proceeds be donated to charity?
Yes 15% of the £1.50 will be donated between our 2 chosen charities. The rest of the text vote stage will go to the operators.

How will I know how a contestant doing?
You won't until we announce the top 12 Winners and 12 Reserves after the text vote ends on the Friday 13th aug, this is when we will receive the full accurate data from the SMS company. We will announce the 12 Winners and 12 Reserves on Wednesday 14th aug via the calendar girls website and the calendar girls Facebook Social Media page

What will happen if a girl gets through Text vote Semi Final?
She will be part of the top 80 finalists and attend the Grand Final Public event on Wed 8th September.

What will happen if a girl gets through?
She will either be published in the 2022 UK Calendar Girls Calendar. The Calendar will launch and be be on sale on Friday 8th November 2021.